Hi there

Hi there.

This is Dong. I am a phytochemist. My research interests include mass spectrometry imaging, metabolomics and chemometrics.

On this dual-lingual website, I am documenting my thoughts on research and life in English and Chinese. You are welcome to comment and edit my posts through pull request by clicking ‘Edit this page’ button.

My site logo is L-ascorbic acid, commonly known as vitamin C. Its structure looks like a man wiving his hand.


BioDong 是我的关键词:Bio 是我的职业,Dong 是我的姓。你可以在关于中查看我的更多信息。


如果你发现网站里有任何错误,你可以点击菜单栏中的 “编辑该页” 按钮,在 Github 上向我提交合并请求。