Miso: an R package for multiple isotope labeling assisted metabolomics data analysis


The use of stable isotope labeling is highly advantageous for structure elucidation in metabolomics studies. However, computational tools dealing with multiple-precursor-based labeling studies are still missing. Hence, we developed Miso, an R package providing automated and efficient data analysis workflow to detect the complete repertoire of labeled molecules from multiple-precursor-based labeling experiments. The capability of Miso is demonstrated by the analysis of liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry data obtained from duckweed plants fed with one unlabeled and two differently labeled tyrosine (unlabeled tyrosine, tyrosine-2H4 and tyrosine-13C159N1). The resulting data matrix generated by Miso contains sets of unlabeled and labeled ions with their retention time, m/z values and number of labeled atoms that can be directly utilized for database query and biological studies.

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